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These days many of today's kids play games in isolation from others. At Funleague, we aim to create children's card games and board games, as well as games for older kids and adults. Our main goal is to offer fun experiences that can be shared with family and friends. Our games always feature high-quality components, beautiful artwork and intriguing game play. Across the board, kids games and games for kids at heart are what Funleague is all about!

Funleague is a company that sets out to deliver the best card and board games kids of all ages love to play.

Tune into endless fun for the whole family. View our latest horse card game.

Perfect Stride™ The Horse Card Game

Introducing Perfect Stride™ The Horse Card Game

Partner up with a keen and clever horse in this adult, teen and kids card game; satisfying for the most demanding horse fan! Perfect Stride™ promises endless fun for the whole family.

You and up to three competitors play skilled riders. Be ready for the unexpected - sometimes lucky events occur and sometimes trouble comes your way. Collect the most ribbons to win in this horse game sensation. Learn more at!